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Laser Hair Removal LGBT
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Want It Sexy Smooth Down There Without Shaving?

My office is completely private, and I space out my clients so that you don't have to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room with others while you wait for your treatment.

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  • Say Goodbye to Nasty Razor Burn, Ingrown Hairs, Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises!

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I am determined to make sure you get the most effective treatment possible for your money not JUST by providing you a deep price cut, but also by giving you a top quality laser hair removal treatment each and every time you come in for an appointment.

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Tired of Shaving?

Stop shaving and cutting yourself! You can get that smooth look quickly and effortlessly with laser hair removal.

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Get the most effective treatments every time you come in.

Look Your Best

Become one of those naturally hairless people you see at the gym.

Matthew Sutherland
C.L.S. & C.M.L.S.O.

Owner & Laser Operator

I have been serving the community for over 30 years, providing personalized permanent hair removal treatments that are individually tailored to meet each of my clients specific needs. I have treated ALL areas of the body.

  • Served the Seattle LGBT community 1982 - 2002 as an electrologist.
  • Serving the Phoenix LGBT community since 2002 as a laser hair removal technician.

Laser Hair Removal LGBT
Call * 602-770-1211 * Now!