Over 20 Years Laser Hair Removal Experience

8 Top Reasons To Love Laser Hair Removal

Look fabulous faster

Laser hair removal is one of the quickest hair removal methods. Waxing or epilation both require consistent treatments throughout your life. Electrolysis can take years to complete.

Effective confidence boosting

You'll be feeling better about your appearance in no time because laser hair removal results in permanent hair reduction, meaning the hairs will be smaller diameter and less dense with each treatment.

Rule that swimwear safely

Laser hair removal is extremely safe. It's been approved by the FDA! When performed by a properly trained technician, it's extremely rare to experience any side-effects. Also there is no bleeding which can happen with methods such as waxing and electrolysis.

Look your best for less

Laser hair removal saves you tons of money over time due to the guaranteed reduction in hair. This method of hair removal removes the need for razors, waxing, depilatory creams and any epilation equipment. The question is: What are you going to do with all that extra money?

Get that precision body look

Laser hair removal Scottsdale is both precise and versatile. It can easily be used to target both large and small areas. No matter which areas you're interested in this type of treatment provides the precision and specificity you want to effortlessly remove your unwanted hair quickly and effectively.

Reduced body odor

The strands of hairs that are removed from deep inside the follicles are favorite nesting places for odor causing bacteria. As the laser treatment destroys the follicles down to their very roots, these odor hangouts are no longer available and the odor causing molecules are liberated from the body.

Enhance muscle tone appearance

Having hair-free skin visually sets off your clearly defined and firm muscle presence. Those who have developed their muscle tone through strength training will especially appreciate this benefit. You will also maintains the look of balance and posture more easily.

Softer and silkier skin

No more dealing with prickly stubble a couple of days out because you won't need to shave, epilate or wax your hair! Laser hair removal leaves no stray hair or stubble behind to detract from your silky smooth skin. No more razor burn road rage on the skin of your loved ones during and after physical contact.

Katharine Karas
Matthew is absolutely amazing! I went to him for my first ever laser hair removal treatment and LOVE my results! He is so knowledgeable in so many aspects of hair removal. He thoroughly explained everything to me before, during and even after the treatment. I really felt very knowledgeable about hair removal by the time I left his office. I am so sold on him that I trust him completely with my hair removal needs. Matthew made me feel so comfortable and cared for. He is one of a kind! 100 percent will be returning to him even though it is a bit of a drive for me! Matthew is worth it.
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller
Matthew is always welcoming and professional. My confidence has reached higher levels since having hair removal performed. I like the fact that he charges by the treatment so that I never have to worry about paying for more sessions than I really need. I highly recommend Matthew for all your laser hair removal treatments and he is also reasonable on pricing.
Freda King
Freda King
Matthew is the perfect mix of professional and friendly. He’s always cheerful and puts you at ease and I’ve never felt embarrassed with the more personal areas of laser hair removal. His office is discrete and clean and it is nice to support a local business rather than a larger chain. Highly recommended :)
Johnny Hill
Johnny Hill
I cannot rave enough about how professional Elite Laser Care is. Matthew is highly trained and explains everything from the beginning to the end before and often during your visits. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and explains every step of each routine. The reminder calls are definitely a big plus! I highly recommend to everyone I know.
Ann Richard
Ann Richard
I've been using Elite Laser Care for the past few months now for several areas. Although my excess hair growth was something I was very self-conscious about, I was immediately put at ease and made to feel as comfortable as possible throughout. Matthew is very friendly and accommodating! Cannot recommend him highly enough!
Lisa Hanson
Lisa Hanson
I highly recommend Elite Laser Care to anyone thinking of hair laser removal. I’m very pleased with my treatments and the results so far. Matthew is very professional, attentive and very friendly. If you cannot tolerate your dark and excessive hair anymore, this office is the place you need to consider.
Shane Eiler
Shane Eiler
Great service with a relaxed environment. Original appt went over all the pros and cons before the treatment was started. Yes the hair removal process can be sometimes be a little uncomfortable for a sensitive person like me in some areas but Matthew does everything he can to reduce it and distract you! Totally recommend to anyone who has hair they want gone for good!!!
Barrie Monson
Barrie Monson
I've had two sessions on my face so far, and although I'm not done yet the hair is not showing between treatments so all is good now. Everything is progressing well and I feel I have a new life. Matthew is very professional and I highly recommended him. I really love the non-corporate atmosphere here, and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much Matthew!
Bernie Edge
Bernie Edge
This is the best place to get laser done! Matthew has been incredibly professional and I am always warmly welcomed. I would recommend Matthew to anyone thinking of getting laser hair removal!
Erik Fox
Erik Fox
Highly recommended! Always treated as a highly valued client, and Matthew performs a warm and friendly service. He listens to exactly what you need and require. A big thanks to Matthew for his amazing service.
Matthew Miller
I have had 2 sessions with Matthew and am already seeing significant results. In the past, I have had 10 sessions at one office - no results, and 4 sessions at another office - no results. I was shocked seeing thinner patches after my initial visit. He is also a consummate professional and a great conversationalist. Thank you, Matthew. I’m looking forward to finishing up my treatment with you!
Barry Brown
I loved it! This is the first time I've ever had laser hair removal. After my first treatment I felt and looked 10 years younger. I've told all my friends about it!! Matthew was very caring and sensitive to my every need. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Can't wait for my next visit!!
James Johnson
All my treatments obtained with Matthew have been a success. He is skilled and very knowledgeable about laser hair removal. His Customer service is great. Matthew is worth advertising to many that I come in contact with. Matthew, thank you for providing that one-on-one professional service.
Peter Jonas
I have used Matthew for several different treatments over the years and have been very pleased every time I came. The results have been noticeable. He is friendly and professional, and the office is very comfortable. I am always made to feel special while there. Matthew's service has been great. I can't imagine going anywhere else for laser hair removal.
Eva Brewer
Matthew has always been reliable and I see results in the treatments I have had. He is more than helpful, friendly and is always thorough in his laser hair removal treatments. He is highly knowledgeable person and his location is very private. I highly recommend Matthew and will continue to refer friends and family to him. He the best in this town!
John Smith
Super Job! This was my first laser hair removal treatment and I was a little apprehensive about it first but was quickly put at ease by the very professional and friendly way Matthew explained to me the entire process.I feel relaxed and happy that I decided to get the service from him. I will certainly continue with additional treatments going forward. I will also recommend Matthew to a number of my friends at work. Great job!!! A sincere thank you!!!
Jesse McAllister
I just moved to Scottsdale a few months ago and was trying to find a good laser hair removal place so I looked up and found Laser Hair Removal Arizona. It's a little further away from my home then some of the other place but I was really impressed with how comfortable people felt with Matthew in his other reviews. I tried Matthew's laser treatment and I already see improvement. He really does make you feel very comfortable and at home when you are there and his prices are extremely reasonable. I was so satisefied that even my friend decided to get laser hair removal from Matthew. Laser Hair Removal Arizona is definitely my new go to place in Scottsdale.
Vicky Branson
I loved the laser treatments and have used more than one of Matthew's treatment types! He made me feel so comfortable. I am glad that I got recommended to this particular office. Matthew is very professional but yet casual. I would definitely go back for more services and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.
Greg Perri
Matthew is very knowledgeable and always reliable. I see results of the treatments I have had. He is professional hair removal and more than friendly and cooperative. You no need to worried about anything, because his location is private. He is best in this town and I highly recommended him!
Scott Reynolds
I have been getting treatments from Matthew for several months. He always performs the most thorough laser hair removal treatments to ensure the most effective results. Matthew is professional, friendly, courteous, and extremely helpful.
David Barefield
I'm a very private person who isn't crazy about sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of people. I'm also a busy person and appreciate being seen on time. Thank God I found Matthew! He has the perfect office setup which is very private, and there is always lots of easy street parking right in front. I have a little trouble with walking so I really appreciate the easy ground level access of the office. And Matthew spaces out his clients in a way that allows for minimal waiting time. I've never had to wait past my appointment time yet! He always does an extremely thorough job. I have no reservations in recommending Matthew to all my friends!
Charles Beller
I had been looking for a laser hair removal clinic for some time where I would feel comfortable. Matthew was not only highly experienced and professional, be he also made me feel completely and at ease discussing all my hair removal needs.
livia lindsay
This is my first time doing laser and Matt explained everything to me very well, how it works and how to take care after. He is very friendly and relaxed person. After a few days my laser removal looks amazing and I recommend Matt 100%
P VANI Gayatri
I recently spent several months in the US and was extremely happy to find someone like Mathew to perform treatments on my legs. The level of quality for this service in my country is low so I was excited that Mathew was able to fit me in during my stay. He was very professional, careful and thorough and I am hoping to make it back to the US again and plan to have him work on all my other areas!
Melissa Adams
This is my absolute favorite place, and the ONLY place, that I go to when I want to get laser hair removal. When I leave this place, I feel better on the inside and outside...it's wonderful!! The setting is peaceful and Matthew is very knowledgeable -- you will feel right at home :) I highly recommend this place to ANYONE. You won't regret it! :)
Bruce S. Cameron
Elite Laser Care is the BEST! He is extremely attentive, listens to my wants and needs, and so Professional! Definitely recommend. So happy to have found this place!

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It's my goal to keep your Scottsdale laser hair removal cost as affordable as possible here at my north Phoenix / north Scottsdale location. I accomplish this not JUST by offering you a significant discount without the need to commit to a lengthy contract of treatments you may not even need, but also by assuring you receive the highest quality treatments each and every time. What good is a discount if EACH treatment isn't performed by a highly skilled and experienced technician who is applying what he or she knows?

I am not only the technician performing the treatments but the owner of Elite Laser Care as well. As such I have a vested interest in seeing that all my clients are well cared for during their visit to my office. I make myself available by phone to answer any questions that might come up between visits. And I always try to schedule my clients in such a way that you will rarely if ever have to wait past your appointment time.

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