Laser Hair Removal: Scottsdale & Phoenix

5 Top Reasons To Love Laser Hair Removal

Look fabulous faster

Laser hair removal is one of the quickest hair removal methods. Waxing or epilation both require consistent treatments throughout your life. Electrolysis can take years to complete.

Effective confidence boosting

You'll be feeling better about your appearance in no time because laser hair removal results in permanent hair reduction, meaning the hairs will be smaller diameter and less dense with each treatment.

Rule that swimwear safely

Laser hair removal is extremely safe. It's been approved by the FDA! When performed by a properly trained technician, it's extremely rare to experience any side-effects. Also there is no bleeding which can happen with methods such as waxing and electrolysis.

Look your best for less

Laser hair removal saves you tons of money over time due to the guaranteed reduction in hair. This method of hair removal removes the need for razors, waxing, depilatory creams and any epilation equipment. The question is: What are you going to do with all that extra money?

Get that precision body look

Laser hair removal Scottsdale is both precise and versatile. It can easily be used to target both large and small areas. No matter which areas you're interested in this type of treatment provides the precision and specificity you want to effortlessly remove your unwanted hair quickly and effectively.


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Russell Mendenhall
December 2021

I have been seeing Mathew for a few months now and during this time the hair has slowly but surely become less dense. The results have been amazing thus far and my skin has never felt so soft and smooth to the touch before!

He is a real expert and his knowledge of laser hair removal is top notch. The treatments are done accurately and with care. And I always feel super comfortable during the process no matter which area I'm having worked on.

It has been a bit of a process, but it is so worth it and been long overdue! This has been a great investment when I think of all the hours I'll be saving not having to shave for the rest of my life.

His office is located in an easily accessible and private location. I love the fact that because this is a one person operation I need not sit in a room full of other patients. And there is always plenty of street parking.

Carole Stevens
November 2021

One of the reasons that i chose Elite Laser Care is because Matthew has been doing hair removal locally for a couple of decades. i also very much appreciate that whenever i've had a question he has always answered his phone. And he has been great about giving me reminders of my future appointments which makes the process so much easier for me.

Having previously gone to place where i had a different person working on me almost every time, it's really nice to have the continuity of the same person for each treatment. We work very well together and i feel that he always puts out his best effort to ensure my appointments are as effective as possible.

i never realized how large an area like the legs was until i started my treatments. He has to work on me for quite awhile, so i'm so thankful that he does his best to make me as comfortable as possible! Once this lower half of my body is done i have a couple other areas i'm planning to do.

Peter Graham
November 2021

I was referred to Matthew by a friend and made an appointment to see him. I was a little bit nervous at first but he was very patient with me and was very thorough in his explanation of the process and answered all my questions. After all my questions were answered he carefully marked the areas on my body, and marked them off as they were treated to ensure that nothing was missed or over treated.

I also appreciated the relaxing music that he was playing in the background that really made the experience much more pleasant. He adjusted the setting in one area that I was more sensitive in to make it more comfortable. He really worked with me to find settings that were both effective and within my comfort range.

After the treatment was over he recommended that I not go swimming in any chlorinated pools for the first couple of days to insure that the skin didn't become irritated. He also recommended that I especially stay out of any jacuzis for at least a couple of days as well due to the chlorine and hot water. I followed his advice and my skin felt very smooth the very next day. It was a very easy and enjoyable experience.

Bryan Myers
November 2021

I finally got a chance to go in for a laser hair removal treatment. There was some puffiness that night but my skin looked and felt super smooth the next day. I couldn't be more pleased with the experience!


Maria Johnson
October 2021

I have had a number of treatments with Matthew now, and am really enjoying the results! The hairs are noticeably finer than they were. The two places I had previously gone to had produced no visible changes.

Where I work is pretty stressful and I appreciate the way Matthew always tries to balance the comfort and effectiveness of each treatment based on how I'm feeling on that particular day. And thank God for the private non-corporate vibe!

Joseph Simpson
October 2021

No matter how closely I shaved throughout my life I always felt the stubble. I have had several treatments with Matthew now and my skin already feels so smooth!

Matthew Miller
July 2021

I have had 2 sessions with Matthew and am already seeing significant results. In the past, I have had 10 sessions at one office - no results, and 4 sessions at another office - no results. I was shocked seeing thinner patches after my initial visit. He is also a consummate professional and a great conversationalist. Thank you, Matthew. I’m looking forward to finishing up my treatment with you!

Livia Lindsay
June 2020

This is my first time doing laser and Matt explained everything to me very well, how it works and how to take care after. He is very friendly and relaxed person. After a few days my laser removal looks amazing and I recommend Matt 100%

laser hair removal

Kathleen Dennis
April 2020

Elite Laser Care, is very affordable. After a few minutes, I knew Matthew was an expert. He was punctual, and very neat. I felt so comfortable with him. In all, I got an excellent service and value for my money. I recommend!

Barry Brown
December 2019

I loved it! This is the first time I've ever had laser hair removal. After my first treatment I felt and looked 10 years younger. I've told all my friends about it!! Matthew was very caring and sensitive to my every need. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Can't wait for my next visit!!
laser hair removal

Donny Mills
December 2019

I've been going to Matthew for quite some time now, and I love the service performed. He is amazing, he makes me feel so comfortable; I just love him. He has been doing laser treatments on me just about everywhere, and now I hardly ever have to shave. I wish I had done this earlier! I just started doing my face with Matthew, and I can't believe what a difference that has made in my self-confidence! I'm hooked. I love the treatments I have been receiving, no place can compare!!
laser hair removal

David Barefield
August 2019

I'm a very private person who isn't crazy about sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of people. I'm also a busy person and appreciate being seen on time. Thank God I found Matthew! He has the perfect office setup which is very private, and there is always lots of easy street parking right in front. I have a little trouble with walking so I really appreciate the easy ground level access of the office. And Matthew spaces out his clients in a way that allows for minimal waiting time. I've never had to wait past my appointment time yet! He always does an extremely thorough job. I have no reservations in recommending Matthew to all my friends!


James Johnson
July 2019

All my treatments obtained with Matthew have been a success. He is skilled and very knowledgeable about laser hair removal. His Customer service is great. Matthew is worth advertising to many that I come in contact with. Matthew, thank you for providing that one-on-one professional service.
laser hair removal

Rosalba Milam
March 2019

My husband was the first person to try out this laser hair removal service. I definitely became encouraged to come here and try it out myself after seeing the results my husband received. What I immediately liked is the owner, Matthew works alone. This means he focuses all his attention on you, which reduces the probability of him making a mistake. This made me much more comfortable and took away any feelings of nervousness I walked in with. Matthew did not disappoint. His laser hair removal skills outperformed my expectations and I will definitely be back for more treatment in the future. Thank you again Matthew and I look forward to our next session.

Jeremy Pane
March 2019

Matthew is a hair removal expert! I was under the impression that hair removal was painful and uncomfortable but boy, was I wrong. Matthew does laser hair removal in a practical way that doesn’t inflict pain or discomfort of any sort. You can tell just by working with him that he’s very experienced in what he does. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Matthew’s attention to detail through his laser hair removal procedure.

Fran Robles
January 2019

Matthew is a hair removal wizard. His experience regarding hair removal is among the most refined that I've ever seen. His experience really shows as you see him in action performing the service. I've been to other "so-called" hair removal experts that couldn't hold a candle to Matthew. They never quite got me the comfortable results I was looking for. Based on that, Matthew is the only hair removal person I see now. Keep on providing quality hair and laser removal services like no other!


Jayden Micheal
August 2018

Matthew is the man in the Phoenix valley for laser hair removal. He is very friendly and helpful. Matthew is a top of the line laser hair removal specialist. The location is very comfortable. I will recommend all my friends and family to him. Thank you for the awesome service.

Bryan Lotem
June 2018

Met my expectations and far beyond !! I wanted to go to a GREAT clinic. I chose Matthew because of the good reviews, . Wow... What a great choice!!! I received a warm welcome when I arrived. Everything was perfect. I couldn't expect a better experience overall. I give my highest recommendation to this place.

Scott Reynolds
February 2017

I have been getting treatments from Matthew for several months. He always performs the most thorough laser hair removal treatments to ensure the most effective results. Matthew is professional, friendly, courteous, and extremely helpful.

Vicky Branson
November 2016

I loved the laser treatments and have used more than one of Matthew's treatment types! He made me feel so comfortable. I am glad that I got recommended to this particular office. Matthew is very professional but yet casual. I would definitely go back for more services and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.


Phil P

I used Elite Laser Care for laser hair removal based on the glowing compliments they have received online. I did my research on several companies and based on my research, Elite Laser Care had the most well rounded feedback. After my experience with Matthew, I can see why! He was friendly and professional, while being very skilled at his craft. This is exactly what I was looking for in a laser hair removal expert. Thank you Matthew!

Dana S

So my journey here began shortly after my husband. We've both been coming to Matthew for our laser hair removal needs. Matthew is a true professional that takes the time and effort to administer the best laser hair removal procedure money can buy. After my husband spoke so highly about Matthew on his first appointment, I knew I would want to try him out next. And I definitely wasn't disappointed because my husband and I are both hard to please. Matthew has answered all our questions over the years so now when we come to our scheduled appointments, we just talk about everyday life. He is a very compassionate laser hair removal expert, but his friendliness goes beyond just his job description. My husband and I would recommend Matthew to anyone in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area looking for a competent laser hair removal expert. Thank you Matthew for your expert laser hair removal service and expertise over the years. You are our go to laser hair removal person and that won't be changing any time soon!

Phil E

Matthew is a perfectionist! He is truly a master at what he does. He is very knowledgeable and professional in all areas of laser hair removal. If this is a process that makes you nervous, there's no need to worry with Matthew as your professional hair remover. He has almost 2 decades of experience and literally "laser focus"(haha) when doing his job. Not only that, but Matthew is passionate about achieving results for all his clients. He performed his laser hair removal service on my wife and I. It worked out so perfectly, that we were almost in disbelief after seeing the results. I'm very impressed with Matthew and his commitment to his craft. I can only recommend someone that has been dedicated to providing customer satisfaction for this long. Bravo buddy, you've earned it!

Eva H

I love this place. I had my laser hair removal done last fall while visiting friends. Matthew is so nice and professional. He has a calming effect on you. I have had no regrowth of my hair since my treatments! I recommended this place to my friends and co-workers.

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It's my goal to keep your Scottsdale laser hair removal cost as affordable as possible here at my north Phoenix / north Scottsdale location. I accomplish this not JUST by offering you a significant discount without the need to commit to a lengthy contract of treatments you may not even need, but also by assuring you receive the highest quality treatments each and every time. What good is a discount if EACH treatment isn't performed by a highly skilled and experienced technician who is applying what he or she knows?

I am not only the technician performing the treatments but the owner of Elite Laser Care as well. As such I have a vested interest in seeing that all my clients are well cared for during their visit to my office. I make myself available by phone to answer any questions that might come up between visits. And I always try to schedule my clients in such a way that you will rarely if ever have to wait past your appointment time.

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