Sailaja Kanuri
Sailaja Kanuri
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I have been seeing Matthew for several months now. I can't believe how much my hair growth has slowed down. Thank you for this amazing change in my life!
Candi Nathan
Candi Nathan
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I've been going to Matthew for 4 years, he is very professional & does a very fine job on laser hair removal. I would highly recommend him.
Gilberto McLaughlin
Gilberto McLaughlin
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Amazing service in a relaxed environment. Matthew went over all the pros and cons before the first treatment was started. Having your hair removed can be a bit of a process and sometimes a little uncomfortable for a sensitive person like me, but Matthew does everything he can to make the treatment as comfortable as possible by distracting you! Highly recommend Matthew to anyone who has hair they want gone for good!!!
Velma Williams
Velma Williams
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I have been extremely pleased with the results I have been getting since starting up with Elite Laser Care. I felt very much at ease during the treatment due to his disarming nature and the privacy of his office.
Evelyn Medeiros
Evelyn Medeiros
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I am experiencing fantastic results already after only my second treatment. I found that it was unnecessary to shave before coming in for my second treatment. In addition to being very knowledgeable, Matthew is very friendly and polite. I found that the treatment was not that uncomfortable as Matthew put me at ease throughout the procedure.
Rosalie Gibbs
Rosalie Gibbs
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I have received the most professional and welcoming feeling since I started here. Since beginning my treatments my confidence level has shot though the roof. And the cost has been less of a worry because instead of paying for all my treatments up front, he charges by the treatment so I don't have to worry about paying for appointments I don't need. Matthew always does a great job and he is reasonable on pricing.
Florence Morton
Florence Morton
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My experience has been nothing but the best so far. I always feel at ease with Matthew's professional and friendly manner. He always puts so much into helping me rid myself of excessive hair. I couldn't be happier with the results that have been achieved over the last few months. If you're considering laser hair removal I give him my highest recommendation.
Candice Moorman
Candice Moorman
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I have found Elite Laser Care to be a very professional business and cannot rave enough about Matthew. Everything was explained to me from the beginning to the end during my visit. Because of his explanation of the process I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. One thing I really appreciate that is very uncommon these days is not one but two reminder calls spaced several days apart!
Peggy Lee
Peggy Lee
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I have been receiving amazing treatments from Matthew. My family recommended him to me. He has over 30 years experience in hair removal. Over 20 of those years have been in laser hair removal and his knowledge and experience is second to none. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of laser hair removal. You will never regret your decision.
Paula Frechette
Paula Frechette
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Elite Laser Care is the place I have been going for my laser hair removal treatments. Hair removal has become an addiction for me due to it's amazing results! I no longer own any razors now that I'm hair-free. I really enjoy these effective treatments.

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1Exactly How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
Laser is a very safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair from any part of your body. Hair removal is attained by the focused beam of light coming out of the machine that targets the melanin in your hair. The laser is created in the head of the machine and delivered in a concentrated beam to the area of the skin being treated.

The laser energy coming from the machine is pulled down into the follicle by the melanin in the hair where it cauterizes the follicle. Each pulse of the laser is of a very short duration which has been optimized to fully treat the follicle, while at the same time leaving the surface skin unaffected.

Some of the hair is incinerated at the time of the laser pulse, while others may take several weeks to fall out. A pressurized, computer controlled cooling agent is administered a few milliseconds before the laser pulse to protect the surface of the skin.

Unlike older methods like electrolysis, the laser is able to treat many hairs with each pulse. With laser it is possible to treat large areas such as the back, shoulder or even legs in a very short time. Sensitive areas such as the upper lip, nipples and genital areas can be treated in relative comfort. The laser machine can be accurately calibrated to customize a clients treatment based on hair color, skin color and area to be treated. These treatments really are the safest and most effective way to get rid of that unwanted hair!
2What Parts Of The Body Can Laser Hair Removal Be Used On?
Every area of the body can be treated except near the eyes.

The areas that are most popular with women are:


Men are extremely attracted to treatments of the:

3How Does This Type Of Removal Compare To Others?
The excitement over laser treatments owes it's popularity to the fact that:

Unlike methods such as electrolysis, waxing or tweezing, laser hair removal can comfortably remove large amounts of hair in a short time. This process is the embodiment of a rapid, reasonably comfortable process that produces very long and lasting results.

These treatments are also safe for use on pregnant women. In fact, having your treatment during pregnancy can even improve effectiveness because a woman's hair is often darker and thicker during pregnancy. This combination is most conducive to attracting the laser to the follicles. There have never been any studies to show that the laser is harmful to a fetus, but it is usually recommended for peace of mind that laser not be attempted on the abdomen area during pregnancy.

Laser offers a safe and long lasting solution. If some of the hairs should return sometime in the future they are usually the light colored small diameter hairs that most people don't even really notice anyway.

Using temporary methods such as waxing, shaving and creams just puts off the inevitable. The hair will return after these methods within a few weeks. Also, by pulling the hair out by the root blood flow is increased to the affected area and can begin to build the follicle up even stronger. Blood is like fertilizer to the hair as well and can supply even more nourishment than usual.
4How Does Laser Differ From Electrolysis?
The use of electrolysis is a long and tedious process. A needle is inserted in each and every follicle one at a time and then a current is used to cauterize the follicle. Afterward the hair is removed from the follicle so that it is not mistakenly treated again later.

If you require only a small amount of hair removal, electrolysis just might be an option for you. It can also be used closer to the eyes where laser is not permitted. And finally, it is very useful on grey, white, pure bright red and platinum blond hair that the laser cannot distinguish.
5So Just How Much Must I Spend To Have My Hair Removed?
You just might find laser very affordable when compared to all the other hair removal methods.

In a much shorter time, and in a far less number of treatment than with electrolysis you can have the hair-free body you've always dreamt of. The final cost is of course is dependent upon which area or areas of the body you want cleared off.

It is always my wish to make this procedure affordable so that as many people as possible can attain their freedom from unwanted hair. So come by for a free consultation where your specific areas can be evaluated. You have the option to pay with cash, debit or credit card.
6Will My Insurance Cover My Treatments?
This type of procedure is considered a cosmetic procedure and as such is usually not covered by insurance. However, you should check with your insurance agent just in case.

Some specific conditions which might strengthen your case are if the laser hair removal is for the condition of hirsutism, hypertrichosis that is genetic or drug-related, pseudofolliculitis, and certain types of skin grafts. If you think these might apply to you, consider filing a claim.
7Can This Type Of Procedure Be Used As A Tax Deduction?
Most likely it will not be tax deductible unless it is prescribed by your doctor for such things as a genetic or hormonal condition. Your accountant or IRS agent can be of assistance in answering these types of questions.
8Are There Any Risks Involved In Having The Hair Removed?
It is possible that your skin may appear a little red as if you had been subjected to wind-burn for several hours, or even as much as a day or so. There might be a little temporary swelling. In very rare instances there may be a temporary lightening or darkening of the skin. It may take several months for your natural color to completely return. Even more rare is blistering. If you should ever experience a blister be sure not to pick at it. If it cracks you should use triple antibiotic ointment.
9Is Hair Permanently Removed With Laser Hair Removal?
After you have received several treatments there will be a reduction in the density of the hair as well as a decrease in the diameter of the hairs. The color of the hairs will probably be lighter too.

Laser hair removal has been creating hair reduction of approximately 80% to 90% of the brown or black hairs treated, and usually only fine hair that is fairly unnoticeable may be left.

Also, sometime in the future new follicles may begin to produce hair, but this is based on your genetics, hormones, stress and some medications.

There is the possibility that the "peach fuzz" hairs that you may have which are usually too light to be affected by the laser may at a later time become darker and coarser.
10Why Does This Type Of Treatment Require Multiple Sessions?
Lasers work by targeting the dark, highly pigmented active hairs. Some hairs will have no hair shaft or pigmentation at the time of treatment because they are in a dormant phase and thus not affected by the laser.

Because it necessary to catch the hairs in their "active" phase, several treatments are needed to get rid of the hairs during the time they are active. Also, as the hair thins out excitement rises and some may want extra treatments to get even finer hairs.
11Is This Type Of Treatment A Good Fit For Me?
The laser that is used is great for people with light to medium toned skin with brown or black hair. Blond can be treated as well as long as there is some brown in it.

These treatments work best with dark hair and light skin so it is best to stay away from tanning while your having your treatments.

This procedure can also be used on children as long as they are mature enough to to understand and cooperate with the treatment. It is not uncommon to see preteen girls who have developed hair on their upper lip.

Cosmetic problems are not the only use for this type of treatment. Medications can sometimes lead to excessive hair growth. Also those who suffer with ingrown hair and folliculitis are great candidates.
12Can You Explain What Hirsutism And Hypertrichosis Are?
Excessive hair growth on women that is in areas and in quantities usually found only on men is considered Hirsutism. This is usually seen in areas such as the neck, face, medial thighs and face.

Hypertrichosis is excessive hair growth in other areas than the neck, face, medial thighs and face that are parts of the body that are not androgen dependent.
13How Can I Get The Most Benefit From Laser Hair Removal?
Because the laser works best when the follicles are full of active growing hairs it works best if you stop waxing, plucking and using creams before your treatment.

Because the laser works best on light to medium tone skin you need to avoid tanning and tanning creams before and during your laser treatments. The lighter your skin is the more the laser will be attracted to the dark hairs where it can do it's work, rather than the surface skin where we don't want the laser to go. So lay off the sun tanning and sun tanning creams for several weeks before your treatment in order to get the most from your treatment.

Be sure that you always apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 45 on areas you are considering for treatment before, during and after your treatments. If you don't have sunscreen available be sure to keep the area covered with clothing. Tanning too soon after your final treatment can lead to uneven tanning.

If you find a few hairs showing before your treatment it is OK to shave or cut them. If there are some areas you can't shave the laser tech can shave them for you. All hair must be removed from the area of treatment before the procedure can begin. The hair is removed to ensure all the energy of the laser is focused below the surface of the skin, not on the surface where it is not wanted.

As mentioned earlier, if you can't shave the area it will be done for you. If you do it yourself it will save time at the appointment and your skin will be less sensitive to the laser. If you have heard that shaving will make your hair grow back darker and thicker, know that this has never been proven, and the hair must be shaven anyway before the treatment.

If you have been bleaching the hair you want removed this is OK because the laser works on the hair below the surface where the bleach has not affected it. It is best to stop bleaching before your first treatment though, so an accurate evaluation of the hair color can be taken into consideration. Also you should not bleach for several days before your treatment to ensure the skin has had time to recover.

The timing of your laser hair removal visits are very important to get the most from your treatments. The length of time between treatments will be about 4 or 5 weeks. The best time to get the treatment is when the first few hairs start to show themselves several weeks after your treatment. This is when the follicles are at their fullest, and it is the hair after all that pulls the laser down into the follicle. As the treatments progress the time between treatments will grow further apart.

Some medication are counterproductive to your treatments. One such medication that can produce male-pattern hair growth and should not be used unless medically necessary is anabolic steroids. You must not use Accutane or Bactrim. Women who have been taking Climacteron for menopause therapy and for increasing their libido may notice increased growth of unwanted hair, but fortunately laser hair removal can be performed under these circumstances.

There are some medications that can lighten the pigment of the hair roots rendering the treatment slightly less effective but this is usually only a case of being marginally less effective and shouldn't discourage you from starting your treatments.
14Can I Have Hair Removed In Areas With Tattoos?
The area of the tattoo can not be treated with laser because it would be attracted to the tattoo and would most likely blur the tattoo and possible burn the skin. Be sure you mention any permanent makeup you have as this is also a form of tattoo and must be avoided by the laser.
15During The First Treatment How Should I Proceed?
All you need do before a treatment is just your usual skin care routine. It is best not to wear makeup when coming in for a treatment as the laser can sometimes become attracted to these materials and may lead to skin irritation.

If you are wearing makeup when you arrive it will have to be removed. It is best to wait several hours if you can before reapplying the makeup. Be sure not to apply chap stick, lotion or products with petroleum on the area to be treated.

It is usually best to shave the area to be treated a day or two before your laser hair removal treatment so that approximately 1/16" is showing at the time of your appointment. This 1/16" of hair gives a clearer picture of hair growth pattern and density of the area to be treated.

Once all your questions are answered and you have finished filling out the paperwork it will be time for your treatment to begin. Photos may be taken to ensure the areas with hair are treated each time because the hair may not be above the surface when you come in for your next treatment.

You will be given some protective eye-wear. If you have brought any friends they will be given protective eye-wear as well. This eye protection must be worn at all times that the laser is being operated.

How long the procedure will last will depend upon the area being treated. If you decide before your appointment that you would like additional areas treated please call as soon as possible so that additional time can be scheduled.
16How Does The Treatment Feel?
Usually people describe the sensation of the laser as similar to that of a rubber band snapping. Some areas are more sensitive then others.

The first treatment can sometimes be the least comfortable because the hairs are at their most dense and they draw a lot of the energy of the laser into a smaller area. Also clients may be a little bit nervous because they are not sure what to expect. The following treatments are usually much easier.

While your laser hair removal procedure is being performed you may feel the cooling agent hitting your skin right before each laser pulse. This coolant keeps your skin feeling cool while you are having your treatment.
17What Do I Do After My Treatment?
After the treatment your skin will probably be a little red and puffy. This will usually dissipate within a few hours but can last a few days. Often times you will find your skin has returned to normal by the time you get home.

You may find that your skin feels a little dryer than usual. Aloe Vera is perfect for cooling down your skin and moisturizing it. It is recommended that you only use lukewarm water during your shower for at least the first day. Also, it is best to avoid swimming in a chlorinated pool, and of course the jacuzzi should be avoided due to chlorine and hot water. It is also best not to use a rough bath brush on the area as well for the first few days. If you must do anything that causes you to sweat be sure to take a lukewarm shower as soon as possible to avoid skin irritation.
18Is It Normal With Hair Removal For The Hair To Look Like It’s Still Growing?
Even though all the hairs have been thoroughly treated some of the hair will take a while to shed from the follicles. If you pull on these hairs they will slide right out because the are completely separated from the follicle following the treatment. If the hairs are not bothering you just let them fall out on their own. They should be gone within a week or so. Before you know it the area will be clear until right before your next laser hair removal treatment when the next cycle of hairs begin to emerge.


Vacations will be much more care-free without the need to monitor excessive hair growth any more. You'll be looking good at the beach without the need for razors, waxing or threading. Say goodbye to superfluous hairs while prepping for that luxurious day at the spa. Get ready for the reality that comes with living in a virtually hair-free body for the rest of your life.

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