Skilled Nursing Facility Aberdeen

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Skilled Nursing Facility Aberdeen

You and your loved ones have many options as you choose a skilled nursing facility in Aberdeen. We encourage you to choose the best care after you leave the hospital, which you will undoubtedly receive at Prairie Heights Healthcare! By choosing the best possible skill nursing facility, you will experience the best possible recovery. At Prairie Heights Healthcare, our residents’ care is supervised by some of the most skilled and experienced physicians and nurse practitioners in Aberdeen. This means that you will continue to experience the same level of healthcare that you experienced while you were in the hospital if you choose Prairie Heights Healthcare.

How Does Our Skilled Nursing Facility Work?

A dedicated physician or nurse practitioner will visit you throughout the week, monitor your progress, and oversee your treatment with our facility’s staff. At Prairie Heights Healthcare, we work closely with our patients’ doctors and surgeons, keeping them updated on your progress. We strongly believe in open communication, collaboration, and an integrative healthcare strategy to achieve the best recovery possible for our clients.

While admitted to our skilled nursing facility, each patient will have their own private room. Meals are chef-prepared, and there are plenty of amenities, including WiFi, climate control, and cable TV. Our staff is always available and ready to assist at the push of a button.

At Prairie Heights Healthcare, our caregivers use an electronic medical records system to document resident progress. This way, your doctors have access to your medical information and test results any time from any location. Being admitted into our world-class skilled nursing facility in Aberdeen significantly lowers the risk of an individual having to be readmitted into the hospital due to complications. Our residents find that our program is just what they need to recover.

Our Staff Cares About People

At Prairie Heights Healthcare, our residents can stay with us for as long as they need to make a full recovery. You’ll feel safe, secure, and welcome at Prairie Heights Healthcare. We provide a facility that is not only full of amenities and private rooms, but it is also run by a team of professionals who genuinely care about the people whom we treat. Prairie Heights Healthcare has a five-star rating with Medicare.

A skilled nursing facility is only as good as the people who work there. Prairie Heights Healthcare is proud to employ some of the best healthcare technicians in the state. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about our facilities.

Contact Us

If you would like to continue receiving top-notch care from a skilled nursing facility in Aberdeen that genuinely cares, contact Prairie Heights Healthcare and speak with our staff today. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, address your concerns, and talk about your recovery goals and program with you. Our patients have peace of mind knowing that the best healthcare professionals in Aberdeen are by their side, making recovery the best it can be.

Skilled Nursing Facility Aberdeen

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Skilled Nursing Facility Aberdeen

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