Drug Detox Los Angeles

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Drug Detox Los Angeles

Carus Recovery is a renowned treatment center for drug detox in Los Angeles with evidence-based therapies and an experienced clinical team. We create customized detox plans for each patient and guide them towards sobriety with personalized care and medical support.

What is medical detox?

Medical detox refers to using specific medications to mimic the effects produced by drugs. It also helps recovering addicts overcome their withdrawal symptoms safely. Medical detox is the first step in your recovery journey, allowing your body to eliminate the toxins coming from several months or years of alcohol or drug abuse.

Detox treatment also prepares recovering addicts physically and mentally for a long-term addiction treatment process. It also reduces your risk of relapse in the long term and helps you lead a sober and fulfilling life.

Who is an ideal candidate for medical detox?

Individuals suffering from a moderate to severe addiction disorder can benefit from personalized detox treatment. As medical detox reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, it can improve your chances of attaining a safe and speedy recovery. It is ideal for individuals who can take time off from work and stay in a clinically supervised environment for a couple of weeks.

It is not safe to undergo detox in an outpatient setting as some patients experience side effects like nervousness or anxiety, insomnia, nausea, discomfort, mood swings, and poor sleep. Staying at an inpatient treatment facility during detox can help you achieve sustainable sobriety and help you get started on recovery on the right foot.

What we are the best detox center in LA

We are a pioneer rehab for drug detox in Los Angeles with customized detoxification treatment and dedicated clinical staff. Since detoxing from substances like alcohol, benzos, opioids, and heroin can be painful and unpleasant, our job is to reduce the discomfort with 24/7 medical care, psychotherapies, holistic treatments, and counseling.

Following detox, we guide our clients through an immersive healing experience via our inpatient treatment program. We provide clients with a luxurious treatment setting, a peaceful environment, and lots of love and support to help them feel at home as they work towards sobriety.

What are the benefits of drug detox?

Medical detox involves using medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms, mimic the effects of drugs, and alleviate general discomfort. Here are some additional benefits of the drug detox treatment:

  1. It reduces the psychological withdrawal symptoms and targets the co-occurring disorders, helping patients attain comprehensive recovery from their mental and behavioral illnesses.
  2. Medical detox can flush out the toxins from your body caused by excessive alcohol consumption or drug use. It can also reverse the chemical imbalances in your brain and improve your overall health.
  3. Detox treatment prepares your mind, body, and soul for a long-term recovery journey. It stabilizes your body and mind and enables you to participate in other addiction treatment programs.

Call us at 888-616-9065 to join Carus Recovery, the #1 rehab for drug detox in Los Angeles. We are a reputed treatment facility for addiction treatment with a highly effective medical detox program. Let us help you embark on a life-transforming journey towards sobriety. Contact us now!

Drug Detox Los Angeles